The process of bidding for work can be complex, challenging and time consuming. It is essential to have a strategic approach and the appropriate resources to maximise your chance of success.  Outsourcing your bidding efforts could be an extremely valuable and key move to both small and large businesses.

If you identify an opportunity you would like to bid for, there are three questions you should ask yourself before proceeding:


  1. Can you complete the submission by the deadline?
  2. Do you have the resources available to dedicate to the bid?
  3. Are your resources able to develop winning responses?

Key Benefits to Outsourcing:

1 | Time Saving

Tender submissions are deadline driven and can be extremely demanding and a distraction from your ‘day job’. Outsourcing can save time and resources, therefore allowing your team to focus on the core activities of running  your business.

2 | Cost Saving

Hiring a permanent full-time member of staff can be costly. As tenders are not always released consistently or on time, you may be left with periods of time where there are no bids to be written. Outsourcing can be extremely cost effective, allowing you to tap into bid experts as and when you need them without any long-term commitment.

3 | Best Practice from Other Industries –

Outsourced bid experts can offer vast sector experience and best practice expertise, which can be the difference between winning or losing. Using external bid writers can enhance your idea generation and strengthen your bid.

4 | Structured Process –

Expert Bid writers will follow a structured process when it comes to bid writing. This allows them to keep on track and ensure high quality answers are completed withing the required time frame.

5 | A Critical Friend –

Think of an outsourced bid consultant as a critical friend, providing an external perspective, able to identify weaknesses and offer additional ideas.

6 | A Higher Chance of Success 

Use of an external bid consultant will enhance the quality of your bid, maximise your bid scoring and increase your likelihood of success – securing more work for your business.

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Our professional bid authors, managers and writers will work with your team to develop bid strategies and win themes and to write, edit, or review your bid responses to develop your winning bid.

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