Graphic design is often something that companies overlook when creating a bid response. Apart from the obvious benefit of making your bid document look aesthetically pleasing there are other reason as to why it is important to invest time in graphic design:

1. Standing Out from the Crowd

Creating a professional looking proposal, with a strong company style that is easy on the eye, makes your bid more powerful and helps you to stand out from your competition. This is your chance to convey your company personality and values.

2. Space Management

Graphic design can be the answer to some of your tender document word count problems. Replacing text with diagrams and infographics not only improves the flow of your response and breaks up the text,  but also makes it easier for the reader to understand what you are trying to explain – not to mention freeing up valuable word count (win win)!

3. Real Life Examples

Integrating photography into your graphic design work is a great way to enhance your bid responses and case studies by displaying real life examples to showcase your company’s capability and experience.

Top Tips to Remember:

1. Consistency is Key

Be sure that your brand style is consistent across everything from the main bid document to supporting CV’s, Case studies and even your company website.

2. Follow the Brief

Many clients can be strict in their specifications and specify elements such font size, margins and line spacing. Be sure to read the tender brief to avoid being excluded. Designing a bid template can be effective in ensuring all response writers are sticking to the specifications.

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