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The Client Challenge

Creating a quality video diary of this building construction was challenging due to various factors. Primarily, the client did not have the requisite equipment or any licensed operators for drone-based videography.

The client was looking for a way of documenting progress through a visual record of construction progress over time, allowing stakeholders to track the evolution of the project from start to finish. The video diary was to create a historical archive of the construction project, offering a valuable resource for future reference, analysis, and comparison.

Coordinating video recording with ongoing construction activities was essential to capture key milestones and phases. Communication with the construction team to align recording schedules with critical events was also crucial.

Our Solution

Capturing high-quality video footage of the building construction required careful planning and adherence to best practices. We had already invested in a drone camera with high-quality video recording and stills photography equipment, image stabilisation, tracking features, and a 4K output resolution. Our drone pilots had also received operational authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in holding General Visual Line of Sight Certificates (GVCs).

We prioritised safety by wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and adhering to all safety regulations on the construction site. Familiarising ourselves with the construction site layout, project timeline, and potential hazards, we coordinated with the project manager and site supervisor for site access and safety information.

Clearly defined goals and objectives of the video diary were established by identifying key milestones, phases, and aspects of the construction process that should be documented. We then developed a shooting plan that included a schedule for regular recording sessions in consideration of the best times to capture specific activities. Time-lapse videos were also provided as a condensed and visually striking overview of the construction process.

In approach, we focussed on capturing details that told the story of the construction process and included close-ups of workers, machinery in action, and key construction materials.

We communicated regularly with the construction team to stay informed about project milestones and changes. This collaboration ensured that we captured the most relevant and significant moments.

Beneficial Outcomes

Engaging stakeholders, including the community, regulatory bodies, and project sponsors, with visual documentation fostered transparency and support for the construction project. The video diaries became a powerful communication tool, enabling project stakeholders to share updates with clients, investors, and other interested parties in a compelling and visual manner.

The client used the video diaries as marketing materials to showcase these new facilities and the study programmes that would make use of them. The client’s civil engineering tutors also found the videos valuable for training purposes, helping students understand construction techniques, safety protocols, and project-specific details. Additionally, project management courses used the video documentation to review and analyse work processes, identify potential issues, and make informed decisions to improve efficiency.

The visual documentation allowed for the monitoring of work quality and adherence to design specifications, helping to identify and address any deviations or issues early in the construction process. Identifying and documenting potential risks and safety concerns through the video footage also contributed to a proactive approach to risk management on the construction site.

After the project was completed, the video diary was used for post-construction analysis, lessons learned sessions, and to enhance future project planning and execution.