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What does Bidflo allow me to do?

Bidflo allows you to manage your entire Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Bidding activities across multiple departments and numerous team members.

Bidflo helps you to develop winning bid strategies based on your customer needs, strengths and weaknesses and your competitor positioning.

What can I manage using Bidflo?

You can manage your entire work winning effort using Bidflo. You can manage your marketing, sales, business development and bidding activites on one fully integrated application.

Does this work for companies with multiple offices?

Yes, Bidflo is perfect for use across numerous offices, sites, teams and departments – as well as home working.

Is Bidflo a CRM application

Bidflo is much more than just a CRM application. Bidflo is a fully integrated software application to help manage and coordinate sales, marketing, business development and bid work across multiple teams and departments using best practice from over 30 years of experience.

Does Bidflo have email notifications?

Bidflo has a free email notification system to notify users of new, approaching and overdue actions and also when reviewers and bid response authors are allocated.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all Matercard and Visa payments.

What are user access levels?

Bidflo user access levels determine which modules and tabs your users can see and use. It is important to assign the correct user access level to ensure your data is only accessible to authorised team members depending on their seniority. 

Do all the plans include the same features?

Yes, plan levels are simply based on the number of users. No matter which plan you choose, it includes all of our features and functionality.

Can I export and print my company data?

Yes, you can export and print your reports and charts in pdf, png and excel format.

Why can't I log in to my account?

Depending on your web browser, when loging into your account you can sometimes receive this message: ‘This app requires cookies to be enabled. Please enable them in your browser’. 

Instructions on how to enable cookies can be found here: Click Here

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