Your Carbon Reduction Plans

Prepare and manage your CO2 reduction plans.

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Carbon Reduction Guide

Lower Carbon Materials

Choosing lower carbon materials can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your project.

Reduced Quantities

Reducing the amount of materials in your project will reduce the amount of carbon utilised.

Reuse and Recycle

Reusing and recycling of materials has a much lower carbon impact than using new or virgin materials.

Construction Sequencing

Designing your project for the most efficient construction sequence can save project operational carbon.

Efficient Travel

Reduce the need to travel, avoid single occupancy journeys and use public transport or electric vehicles where possible.

Energy Supplies

Switching to greener energy suppliers and using mains rather than generator supplies will reduce your project carbon footprint.

Construction Logistics

Planning your construction site layout to minimise plant and material movements will reduce carbon emissions.

Efficient Transport

Transport by rail or in higher capacity trucks over smaller distances will significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Correct Specification

Avoid over specifying materials, compenents and plant to minimise your carbon footprint.

Buy Locally

Sourcing labour, plant and materials from near to the construction site will reduce transport carbon.

Greener Fuel

Switching to electric, hydrogen or HVO fuel will reduce your project carbon footprint.

Avoid Landfill

Use the waste hierarchy to avoid, reuse and recycle materials and only dispose to landfill as a last resort.

Aggregate Work

Group work packages or projects in the same location to complete at the same time rather than repeat visits.

Tree Planting

Over a lifetime of 100 years one tree can offset approximately one tonne of CO2. 

Peatland Restoration

Ecosystems like peat bogs are capable of absorbing and storing large amounts of CO2.


Over a lifetime of 100 years one tree can offset around one tonne of CO2.